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Majority of the people that I know or have dealings with me know me by Indian George. The reason being is that for the past 30+ years I have been the proud owner of a 1947 Indian Chief motorcycle, I also have a 1985 Harley Softail. I basically do all the work on both bikes myself, including the air brush work and painting. But I do answer to the name of George Rebello. Like most other knife makers, I have had a fetish for knives since I can remember. I have been making sharp object since 1998. I make all my own Damascus using 1084, 1075, 15n20 and nickel. I also enjoy doing cable Damascus, canister, chainsaw chain, motorcycle chain and parts (I will use customers M/C parts in the Damascus billet). Will be making Mokumne and folders in the near future. In the stock removal arena I like D-2, but will use what ever the customer prefers. Handle material I prefer natural materials or Micarta.

I have been full-time 2001 and  I am a member of the A.B.S and N.C.C.A.

All my work is guaranteed for my lifetime. The Majority of my work is one of a kind. Will work with customer's designs or mine.

Indian George
PH # 508 951 2719
358 Elm St.
New Bedford, Ma. 02740-3837

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